Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Travelling With The Bare Minimum

Going out of town in less than five days.  I have to pack good for a month for me and my daughter.  And in order not to bring so much more than I can handle, I have to pack only the things that I actually need.

The flight plus the stay in the airport would take about twenty hours (hopefully) tops.  It's going to be extra hard, but extra enjoyable since I'm travelling with my five year-old daughter who seems to equate playing with breathing.

It is a must that I travel light.

Let's start with the make-up and grooming kit.  I really had to do a double take with everything.  After thinking about it really hard, the final decision was made of these:

I'm not really sure about the nail clipper if it's going to be allowed once they see it in the conveyor.  But the rest is good to go.  

1. Light Cover

I chose my regular face moisturiser, Olay Total Effects.  It's not greasy.  So it's good for a quick touch up after a good facial wash.   

A few years more and I'm forty (goodness me).  And it shows in my skin already.   I have a lot of blemish (if you can be so nice to call it that).  And Make Up For Ever's Full Cover does the trick for me.  I've tried the other concealers but this is probably the best one that works for me.  

I placed the bottle of liquid foundation in my check-in bag and decided to carry the light powder foundation over that moisturiser and concealer.

2.  Brushes

I decided to bring the powder brush and liquid foundation brush.  I don't trust my fingertips to do the work.  Besides, I get to do it faster with these than using my hands. You might ask why I have the foundation brush when I don't really have a liquid foundation anywhere.  I actually use it for the liquid concealer which is easier to spread evenly with that foundation brush.  

3. Facial Cleanser and Hand Moisturiser

I keep reading everywhere that flights make the whole body dry.  They keep advising that we need to drink lots of fluids in order to keep up with the possible dehydration when you're up in the air.  And so, a hydrating facial wash plus a body lotion (besides bottled water) are some of the smart ideas I got.  My daughter is going to get the same treatment.  I'm going to replenish her hydrating needs to.  I would apply body lotion on her too.  PLUS  the anti-mosquito creams/lotions to give me some peace of mind.  

4.  Color

I'm downplaying my outfit as well as my lip and cheek colour.  The lip balm of Revlon (for me) and Burt's Bees (for my daughter) would do the trick.  Lip balms are the best way to go.  It addresses chapped lips and gives to them all at the same time.

I'm bringing my compact cheek tint.  Loved that colour.  However, it always needs some retouching but I don't mind.  I don't really prefer heavy make-up .  

5. Lozenges

Well, you don't know when you have to sing out loud.  Just kidding.  It's one of my personal needs.  I've learned my lesson from previous trips.  I get that throat problem during trips.  I don't know the reason why.  I thought water would do but it doesn't seem to help every time I have that throat problem.

6. Survival Kit

I'm not sure if I can get the nail clippers through inspection.  But I hope I could.  I don't know where I got the idea that dental floss break-resistant enough that you can utilise it anytime you need a good stringing.  Nail clippers is good to cut any extra skin, hair, thread and all that annoys you. 

All of these fits in a small that I can put in my carry-on bag.