Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cam-Whoring with Shu Eumura

"Presenting, my CAMERA. Bow."

Forgive my shamelessness.

I wasn't able to include 
Johnson's Baby Oil in the photo 
which I applied to my hair because it was so unruly!

You're going to get sick with countless 

Oh my, what manly hands I have!

Enlarged for maximum motion-sickness effect!

Syempre, naka-pamewang pa!  ABER!

Can you spot the difference???
Must be the same picture. LOL!

SMILE! Even though your heart is aching!
Well, this smile is hurting my jaw instead of my heart!

This was the after party... before I got into the shower and off to bed.

Sick yet? LOL!

Thank God, it's over!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I usually go somewhere else for my bi-monthly pedicures.  Yesterday, I opted to have my toenails cleaned at Nail-A-Holics for the first time.  It's more expensive than where I usually go but the difference is not that much.

I am satisfied with the service.  However, their complimentary foot massage could be much better than what I had yesterday.  I couldn't help notice that the massage was shorter in duration than what I was used to.  I could have appreciated it more yesterday since we were doing a lot of walking and standing still.

There were times when I have to silently cringe in pain too :(  
But afterwards, the pedicurist did a satisfying job. 

In addition, the color theme of their nail parlor is really nice.
I want the color combination in my room ^_^