Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I usually go somewhere else for my bi-monthly pedicures.  Yesterday, I opted to have my toenails cleaned at Nail-A-Holics for the first time.  It's more expensive than where I usually go but the difference is not that much.

I am satisfied with the service.  However, their complimentary foot massage could be much better than what I had yesterday.  I couldn't help notice that the massage was shorter in duration than what I was used to.  I could have appreciated it more yesterday since we were doing a lot of walking and standing still.

There were times when I have to silently cringe in pain too :(  
But afterwards, the pedicurist did a satisfying job. 

In addition, the color theme of their nail parlor is really nice.
I want the color combination in my room ^_^

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  1. I hate getting pedicure because.. well.. it (almost always) hurts. Pero it's a must eh. :(

    (new blogspot address.. . I keep on changing, I know. LOL)