Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inner Beauty at Wellness Center Medical City

No, I'm not referring to the character of the person.  Instead, I'm addressing my visceral organs LOL!

I took the Lady Care Package from the Wellness Center of The Medical City.  This is the first of the regular annual check-ups my family is going to have.  I was first in line among my siblings because they were still too busy to take this kind of almost a whole day work-up.

I did some blood chem, X-ray and ultrasound of the abdomen and breast, mammogram (ouchie!), treadmill stress test (which was really hard for someone like me who don't use the treadmill at home), 2D Echo, eye consult, pap smear and ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries, dermatologist consultation and lastly a visit to their spa where I got a good back massage.

You get to pay less if you avail the package.  And you get to have really good service from the staff.

The waiting area of the patient.

Since you have to fast the night before of your appointment, 
they don't forget to serve breakfast in their veranda.

The View: Ortigas Skyline (well, you can't really see all of them.)

You get to choose your breakfast.
I chose the roast beef sandwich.

So far, the initial results were all good. 
But I'm still waiting for the final results.

Done for the day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Shoes My Husband Will Envy Me For

My husband, as a tennis coach, is an avid fan of Maria Sharapova.  He thinks she's so beautiful.  And of course, her skills are far from being under-estimated.  And so, when he called awhile ago, I told him that I got something of Sharapova's (ahahah! I wish!)  It's just too bad it's not her beautiful face or her skills in tennis.

I'm not really sure if ballet flats looks good on me.
But I'm confident enough to wear this with the not-too-short shorts I have.  
I want to create an illusion that I have long legs... I think the ballet flats would help me on that.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scalp Care at David's For Rever

I have been suffering from massive hair fall these past few months.
Everyone was blaming my previous pregnancy for this.
It has been very alarming whenever you see hair all of over the bedroom and bathroom floor.
There are just so many of them.
I've been blaming my long hair for that, thinking that probably, my scalp couldn't hold that much weight.
And so yesterday, I was about to get a haircut.

I took a picture of my hair thinking that it will be months again until I get hair this long.
(My hair grows in a snail's pace)

But then the attendant suggested that I get scalp care instead that will address the massive hair fall.
I didn't get any haircut at all.
They applied Kerastase on my scalp using this machine.

They used hydrostatic pressure to spray gun some medication on my scalp.
I have to do this once a month until the problem resolves.

I was very hopeful that the problem will eventually resolve soon.
I don't want to go to Svenson to get treated. 
It will be much more expensive.
And I don't think it includes scalp, neck and back massage
as the attendant, Janeth, provided.