Friday, December 25, 2015

Make Up For Ever Full Cover

At the age of 38 (yes, I'm still too young for make-up and blogging about it), I still get to have pimples (my face is that fertile).  Step one is to accept that I have a lot of imperfections.  Step 2 is to look for a solution.  Step 3, try the most effective way to get that glowing skin - sweat it out, clean up and get that 8-hour sleep.

This is my step two.  It's a bit pricey but it definitely will cost less than a plastic surgery or a series of sessions, say, in Facial Care.  It really does it's work to cover up those unwanted marks that stand out on my face.  Good thing, it's waterproof.  So unless, I wash my face in the middle of the day when I'm out of the house, it doesn't come off.  I just dab powder over it.

It's still low maintenance and easy to apply.  I'm using a "Happy Skin" concealer brush with it.


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Shiseido Foundation Brush

I'm  using two types of foundation - the liquid and the powder type of foundation. My mother was buying refill for her make up bag from her favorite brand of Shiseido. At that time, I was having trouble applying the Shu Eumura face Architect liquid foundation that I have at home. The saleslady gave me this to try out. She showed me how to use it but it took me time to learn how myself. It saves make-up since it spreads them out evenly so you just use a little bit of them. So far, this is the best foundation brush there is for me.


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Make Up For Ever's Step 1

Currently, there are two primers in my make up kit.  One of them is this - Make Up For Ever's Step 1 Skin Equalizer.  I've got dry skin and several scar craters (reality) so my sister is constantly reminding me to use a primer first.  

We passed by Fashion Hall's Make Up For Ever stall and the seemingly credible (and adorable) tattooed salesperson (he's gay, of course) wanted me to have this.  

I've used it several times already.  I'd say it's really breathable and non-greasy which is good because we have to put more gook on our face over this.  The salesperson said that it will protect our face from any comedogenic make up product I would use in the future (just in case, I don't buy any other Make Up For Ever goods).

I've learned that it is the best trouble shooting tool for an imperfect skin.
I don't put make up (even the loose powder of Johnsons) anymore without this.

Work Hard. Play Harder
Tennis Lessons 
12 sessions per head for P7800.00
Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Players
Hitting Partner, Training or Recreation Purposes.
Price Applicable to Meralco Tennis Courts Ortigas Ave Pasig City
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Monday, December 21, 2015

Ever Bilena's Lip And Cheek Tint

It seems that every cosmetic brand has this in all kinds of convenient forms.

This one has been a bestseller for sometime now in Watsons where I bought it.  Local celebrities gushed about this several times on television that got me curious to try it out.

It works well for my skin tone which is from several charts (golden medium tone), autumn skin tone (from the seasonal skin chart).

You need very little to get the subtle natural effect of rosy cheeks that you'd like.  It's not waterproof though.  But it's not likely that you'd get rained on anytime.

Advertisement by Yours Truly:

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(Unbranded) Make-Up Brushes from Lazada

That anticipated sale Lazada had promised for weeks had finally came.  I was at work on those days but it didn't stop me from going online, so is the rest of every one in the office.  The first ever item I bought during that sale is a set of twenty- four make up brushes.  

My sister was not so happy to find out that I bought this set.  You see, she has started selling make-up brushes which she claims were much better than these and a bit cheaper than the ones I got even on sale.  
She has started making reviews of her own about beauty tools particularly make-up after months of getting addicted to them while she was pregnant.  I went through the same phase but it didn't last long. In her case, I guess it's going to be permanent.  She revived my interest in make-up when she gushes over her new finds every single time.  
There were so many good reviews about this product in that online store but of course, I was still risking good money on it. I opened and tried the package for the first time today.  It's been with me for days now but I couldn't find the chance to use them.  Today however, there was a pictorial for senior residents graduating this year.  And so, I found my chance.  

There were some shedding in the eye brushes.  The powder, blush and fan brushes on the other hand, were actually good.  They were softer than the ones I bought years ago in Watsons but less softer than the ones my sister was selling. She made me kind of regret buying online instead of buying her products.  In my defense, I really thought hers were more expensive because it really was softer and finer than what I've seen around and the casing was sturdier.  I should have asked first before spending more on these.   (I'll blog about her brushes when I get to take pictures of them during the holidays.)

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Work Hard. Play Harder.
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