Friday, December 25, 2015

Make Up For Ever Full Cover

At the age of 38 (yes, I'm still too young for make-up and blogging about it), I still get to have pimples (my face is that fertile).  Step one is to accept that I have a lot of imperfections.  Step 2 is to look for a solution.  Step 3, try the most effective way to get that glowing skin - sweat it out, clean up and get that 8-hour sleep.

This is my step two.  It's a bit pricey but it definitely will cost less than a plastic surgery or a series of sessions, say, in Facial Care.  It really does it's work to cover up those unwanted marks that stand out on my face.  Good thing, it's waterproof.  So unless, I wash my face in the middle of the day when I'm out of the house, it doesn't come off.  I just dab powder over it.

It's still low maintenance and easy to apply.  I'm using a "Happy Skin" concealer brush with it.


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