Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Clinique BB Cream

 This week, I ceased using my powder foundation (which I haven't blogged about yet).  My sister gave me her extra BB cream and wanted me to see for myself how easy it was to use.

We were window shopping for new make-up finds on the ground floor of SM Department store.  She went off to the NYX section and I went to Maybelline.

I saw the BB cream tubes (along with a CC cream) on their display.  I know BB creams have been out for a long time now but I haven't tried any of them.  I even tried ordering from Lazada.

So upon check out, she saw that I was holding a tube.  She stopped me from purchasing it.  She said that she's going to give me that extra tube she had in her place.

Yay!  I like nothing better than getting freebies.

And so since the other day, I've been using my moisturiser with this BB cream.  I was afraid that it was going to be so greasy because of all that liquid goop on my face.

It's really humid in Manila these days (like all other days) and so I'm not really a fan of semi-liquid stuff.  But then it didn't turned out like that.  It settled on my face quicker than I expected.  I'm always rushing when I go out of the house.  Waiting time before I put on my blush was almost non-existent.  And of course, I love the cover ability of this BB cream.

I highly recommend it.  I'm just wondering if BB creams work as a moisturiser too.  If yes, can I do without the actual moisturiser?  If I do shortcuts, would I be doing myself a favour?  

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