Saturday, February 27, 2016

Benefit's Watt's Up!

The benefit's Watt's Up!

A couple of months ago, we stopped by Rustan's Benefit stall and got this highlighter after my sister coerced me to try it.

(All I wanted was a concealer and she gives me something to enhance parts of the face. )

Highlighters are used for face sculpting/contouring.  I'm not really into sculpting and I'd hate to put more make-up where there is make-up already.  However, this one is so easy and subtle that it does not get more of your precious time.

It even enhances blush you put on your cheeks (if you apply it over your cheek make up).

It is a cream stick on one end and a sponge on the other end.  It's the last thing we apply after all the things you have to apply over our face.  We smooth it above our eyebrows, temples and glide to our cheeks.  We dab the sponge over it to make the cream look powdery.  

I like to apply it over my nose, from the bridge to the tip of it.  Very lightly, of course.  I remember make up artist put heavy and dark make up on the sides of the nose to make it look sharper.  I think those were the days when contouring started. However, I end up looking drag. 

This one aims for the same effect without the dark make up on the sides.  Instead, it works on reverse.  Just make sure we apply it straight and thin.  

Below is a clip for easy application.  
For a couple of months now, I'm enjoying using this.  It's easy to apply and so subtle.  Always in my kit.

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