Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting My Hair Done At Home

A week ago, I was in the supermarket and lingered a little bit more in the hair products.  I was looking for a better hair conditioner which might save me from going to Davids.

My wavy hair is almost always out of control that I end up tying it in a ponytail or worse of all, a bun.

Well, I found the Pantene Light (leave-on) conditioning hair spray.  There were a few types on display but I chose the one for curly hair (since my hair is near curly already).

I'm testing if it really detangles.  Well, it does.  It's not oily or greasy.  My wavy hair goes limp after I spray on it not because it's damp (I didn't spray that much).  I don't really know how it works but it does.

I was happy with the effects.   All of the photos were all after I sprayed it on my hair.  I didn't brush my hair before spraying.  And I just combed my hair with my fingers after I sprayed on it.

The second set of photos is after 10 minutes still without brushing my hair (but got dressed and ready to get out of the house).  I noticed that it does looks softer as it dries up.

The last photo above was taken in a different condition.  I sprayed Pantene leave-on conditioner on my freshly washed hair while it was damped.  Tied my hair for a couple of hours (like around four hours).  It already dried up and my hair was looking better.  I can get away without even brushing it.

It cost about PHP400++ in the SM Hypermarket (along C5).  And I think I'd take it anywhere with me from now on.

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