Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Face It: Whole Body Massage

Because I had to wait for a long time in SM Hypermarket....

If I want this review to be helpful to people, I will have to tell the truth.

The massage was not good in comparison to the home service we get from Spaholic.
The one doing the massage was pretty abrupt whenever she changes the person body part position.
It wasn't as relaxing as you would have expected.

Plus, the room was too cold.  
They didn't have the warm oil that you are used to.
The cream they applied was a bit cool and that was another no-no.
It was supposed to be warm to touch.  

The upside was that it was a bit cheaper than the Spaholic services.
And the room is quite pretty.

Never again ^_^
I'll just stick to their pedicures.


  1. Maybe the attendant didn't rub the cream and oil between hands to warm it up. Sad naman.